Crime Reduction Strategies

The purpose of this course is to expose the learner to the practices and philosophies of some of the greatest crime fighters of the last century, including Jack Maple, Bill Bratton, Dr. George Kelling, and Chris Braiden. These authors, as police officers and academics, have all made significant contributions to the discourse on police practices. These authors will likely challenge your beliefs about what we do as police, and why we do it. This critical analysis of police practices will hopefully make you think twice before accepting “that’s just the way we do it around here.”

The course will focus on the text book Crimefighter by Jack Maple, which will provide the framework for the topics of discussion throughout the course. The primary objective of this course is to expose the learner to alternatives to the traditional means used by police to reduce crime. This course is based on the premise that 10% of the criminals commit 90% of the crime. As police officers, we need to consider that while our duty is to protect life and property, we must also aim to reduce crime. This course will focus on what Maple calls “Crookology 101” and he specific tactics that police officers can take to reduce crimes in their areas. Some will suggest that reduction is unlikely and that displacement is more likely. Hopefully that will be one of the first myths that we tackle. Police can reduce crime through effective tactics.

This course takes place in the online environment. The required reading for this course is the text book Crimefighter by Jack Maple. All other reading materials will be on the course website. You will progress through the modules, completing the required readings as you go. The modules include online readings, discussion forums, videos and quizzes.

The course will be available to start in January, May, and September and can be completed at your own pace within 120 days from the start date. The cost of the course is $350, including the text book.

Instructor: Keiron McConnell

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