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Gillian holds a certificate in Conflict Management and a certificate in Restorative Justice from the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society, and a Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies from Royal Roads University.

Gillian has extensive experience working in community based and collaborative methods of conflict management and dispute resolution. She has worked with various community based agencies including the Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre, Justice Canada’s Civil Claims Mediation Program, Strathcona Community Mediation, and the Catholic Social Services Parent Teen Mediation Program.

Gillian is the Program Coordinator and Executive Director for the Victoria Restorative Justice Society. In this role Gillian manages referrals made to the program, which includes assessing the appropriateness of cases for restorative justice, conducting the intake process with participants, selecting volunteer case workers, overseeing the success of the restorative justice process and the completion of the restitution agreement.

Gillian is responsible for liaising with members of the Victoria Police Department, including referring officers and the Deputy Chief and Chief of Police.

Gillian is a mediator on the Mediate BC Civil Roster and the South Island Dispute Resolution Centre Civil Roster, Gillian teaches numerous conflict management and restorative justice courses in Victoria, BC, including: Communicating Through Conflict Level I and II and advanced restorative justice facilitation levels I, II and III.

Gillian is assistant faculty for the School of Peace and Conflict Management at Royal Roads University and an instructional coach for the Masters of Arts in Dispute Resolution at the University of Victoria.

The combination of Gillian’s education and experience provides her with a strong understanding of implementing restorative justice on the ground, how to create community and stakeholder buy in and ultimately how to successfully bring together those negatively impacted by a criminal event.

Instructor: Restorative Justice

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