Human Rights & the Police: An International Perspective

The purpose of the course is to educate police increment students on human rights. Often police officers in Vancouver are encounter new Canadians, visitors or refugees, whose world view is deeply influenced by experiences from their home country. These residual perspectives may have a negative impact on their willingness to interact with police. On the other side of the coin many Canadian educated police officers have minimal exposure to the brutalities and corruption at the hands of the police that these people may have encountered. This course will attempt to breach that gap to provide police officers with a better understanding of the sensitivity required to form bonds and partnerships with this special needs group.

Specifically, in this course, students will learn about the significance of the role of Human Rights and the impact this has on police in a variety of countries. Police officers in British Columbia may encounter people from a variety of countries with a diverse experience with police. Some of these countries exist absent of the rule of law. In addition, basic human rights are not respected by the State.

During the course the student is to integrate the work of Police Departments in various States to analyze international issues affecting States by using a comparative style. Students are strongly encouraged to read lecture notes which will contain the thematic structure for the entire course. Also, students are encouraged to develop effective methods of applying all course material: lectures; readings; and discussions; into their course work. Material to be read from required text will be announced.

Viewing of video lectures, reading and contributing to online posts are essential to understanding human rights.

Instructor: Galib Bhayani

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