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Ike is a Sergeant with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has been a police officer for 22 years and is currently the NCO in charge of the Human Source Handling Unit. He is responsible for managing and overseeing all covert human assets utilized by the VPD as well as the safety and maintenance of those assets following relocation.

He has worked in the covert side of policing for 15 years spending time in units such as the VPD Drug Section (recognized court expert), Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia (OMG investigator), British Columbia Integrated Gang Task Force (investigative team leader) and is currently an undercover operator/cover person in the British Columbia Municipal Undercover Program.

Ike’s investigative experience includes time as an investigator and team leader in the VPD Major Crime Section as well as the Organized Crime units mentioned above. Ike is an accredited Team Commander for the Province of British Columbia and he is an accomplished affiant securing many search warrants, wire taps (Part VI) and other Judicial Authorizations.

He has gained considerable experience in all aspects of covert human assets. He has recruited, developed and managed assets ranging from typical drug and organized crime Informants to assets proactively deployed during murder, kidnapping, drugs, organized crime and police corruption investigations as police Agents.

Ike teaches the investigative and operational strategy of utilizing covert human assets to law enforcement members across Canada. He is currently contracted to the Justice Institute of British Columbia and KMC Consulting to provide guidance and training in covert policing techniques including how these assets apply to the principles of major case management. He also provides training as a VPD member to recruit classes and advanced investigator courses and is a subject expert speaker on human assets at the Ontario Provincial Police College’s Major Case Management course.

Ike has been formally recognized for his involvement and leadership during investigations involving organized crime, major crimes, police corruption, undercover work, drug enforcement, covert human asset management, and is the recipient of the Governor General of Canada – Police Exemplary Service Medal and the Lieutenant-General Award for outstanding police service.

Instructor: Introduction to Human Assets: Informants, Witnesses, Agents

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