Crime Reduction Strategies for Police

“A great course! Do not change the text; it is a great foundation for the course. I really liked the multimedia approach to the resource material; the use of videos was a nice change and the one about the community meeting was very powerful.”

“The online learning format has just got to be the wave of the future, at least in terms of continuing education for working people with busy lives. What a great resource and opportunity to learn, at one’s own pace, where and when convenient to the individual student. The content of the course was very good: I really enjoyed the stuff on and by Bratton and Maple (RIP), and the PowerPoint from Crown was very useful… You’ve done a terrific job here, organizing and outlining the material, and you’re obviously on top of providing feedback to each individual student. Congratulations, and thanks for this excellent opportunity!”

“I really enjoyed the course as it gave some great ideas and things to think about in how we do our job. I loved that the course was online and I could do it on my own time as it’s really hard to give up 4 days off to go sit in a classroom. The material was extremely relevant and we can all relate to the reading material and examples given. It’s also great to hear other student’s ideas through the forums.”

“The whole course was well-done and I must admit I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did or learn as much as I did. Well done Keiron!”

The course was “well organized [and] easy to follow. [I] appreciated the prompt feedback my first online course. [I was] very pleased with the format and convenience.”

“Excellent course. I’ve told anyone who will listen about it. The final forum was a great finish with lots of valuable input. Thanks Keiron!”

“I enjoyed it as it was. Thanks!”

“I think for an entry course into crime reduction it covered every aspect.”

“Keiron, thanks for putting this course on. Naturally the course works as it doesn’t deplete the OTL bank, but the topics are very relevant and thought provoking. I am glad the department supported this on line learning opportunity. Good luck!!”

“This would be an excellent course for junior members, as much of the thought processes should be encouraged very early in their careers.”

“I found the course very useful for me in my role as a patrol supervisor. I was away from Patrol for 11 years until I returned a year ago as a supervisor. This course served as a great refresher. This course allowed me to learn many new concepts and ideas related to crime fighting and Compstat.”

“I would prefer to take the courses on line and not to be required to attend a University. Like most in our profession, we have families, full time jobs, and other responsibilities that would make having to go back to school to obtain our pay increments unreasonable.”

Police and Gang Interdiction

“I enjoyed the ability to learn about a job-related topic that did not take away from my family time! This way my kids can be adjusted members of society, and not grow up to be gangsters!! Thanks!”

“This course was perfect for my needs as a police officer. I enjoy taking these courses with my colleagues, as it is a very rich experience. “

“Keiron has done an excellent job of putting this course together and finding others to help him give us everything we need. Thank you so very much. I was impressed.”

“I found this course more challenging than a local College course because it makes you think from an academic as well as a policing perspective due to the way the course content is designed. Also, being a mother of two toddlers and working, I need the flexibility with the time to do the course and e-learning is ideal. I found that I absorbed the course content better and actually learned in comparison to my SFU university days. It’s a perfect blend of academic reading, student participation and video lectures. I would not hesitate to take another course like this.”

“This course is relevant to our police work. Typing is not! I would prefer more courses like this that actually can be applied to police work!”

“This was an excellent course. I loved it and didn’t mind the reading. It brought back the criminology SFU days. Thanks!”

“I found the on-line video lectures valuable – though we were reading the same material in the articles, I found that hearing the information from an instructor improved my ability to retain the information.”
“I did find this course to be more challenging at times than I expected. Having said that, it is not a bad thing. It forced me to think more than I expected to, that’s all. I prefer this course method over online college courses.”

“Online courses offer the flexibility to work on the topics at times convenient for the student. I like in- class learning, but find that online is more in keeping with my lifestyle right now.”