Writing that Works

Course in Development

This course will look at the fundamentals of getting your message across using memos, email, and other forms of written and electronic documentation that are mandatory in the policing world. A particular focus will be transmitting messages and relaying information in a simple, to the point method.

The development of effective speeches, presentations and self-promotion materials will help officers throughout their careers and in higher education. Examples, writing assignments, exercises and quizzes will make up the practical component of the course.

This course meets the criteria of increment courses. It will require 40 hours to complete, including all reading, exams, exercises and forum postings. The course is delivered using Moodle and will be 100% online through e-learning technology. This course is valuable to all officers in the field who wish to enhance their writing skills.

Instructor: Dr. Alice Macpherson
Instructor: Professor Tally Wade

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